Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ultimate Flop From Vijay

hey guys, today we are going to discuss about the film azhagiya tamil magan...This film stars ilaya thalabathi vijay and shreya. the film s about ESP and the hero has the esp. He sences the death of a small girl and accident of his father. Both of them comes true. At last he sences the death of his girl friend and the main thing is that he sences himself killing his lady love. So he decides to leave tamil nadu and go to mumbai. There he sees another guy of his same face cut and he fears that he would be the one who came to kill his lady love. So he trys to follow him bt he meets with an accident and faints.

Meanwhile the another guy comes to tamilnadu and takes the hero's place. He cheats everyone and wen the hero recovers and comes back no one belived the hero. And atlast somehow the hero wins.I give this film 1 star out of 10 and then a thumbs down for both the director and Ilayathalapathy Vijay.Please Don't spoil the image of tamil Cinema director Bharathan.Tomorrow we will review ultimate star Ajith's Billa and Vijay's Kuruvi.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sivaji The Boss

Hey dudes,
sorry I've not been able to update my blog yesterday due to technical reasons. Sorry about that. Okay then today I'm going to review our SuperStar's Film Sivaji The Boss.
This movie s about a man who earns well in America n comes back to his mother country India.He wants to do something good for the people of TamilNadu. He plans to open schools, colleges, hospitals and trusts to serve people. The main aim is that he wants to do free services to all. But then he finds hurdles in the form of an Industrialist ADISESHAN. He has a very big political background n tries to stop SIVAJI. He then goes directly to the government officials and there he finds a lot of corrupt officers. He atlast bribes the officials n politicians to get his work done without no other choice left. Now comes the villain to stop his. He uses his political power and stops his growth.
In the midst he loves a girl n wants to marry her. Because of his failure in work he postponed his marriage and finds a new way to attack the villain. He then brings out all the black money from the corrupt officials and politicians n goes to America. He divides all those black money into small parts and gives them to his friends in America n all over the world and says them to send that money back to his trust's account. He then reopens his trusts and serves the people and throws the villain into jail. Then the villain comes out of the jail and sends some people to kill sivaji. Sivaji then escapes narrowly and comes back in a new avatar of M.G.R. Then atlast he kills the villain and continues his service to the society

Sivaji The Boss - Click here for this week’s top video clips

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

well everyone knows about the legendary actor,director,music director,producer,distributor,screenplay director,editor the great Mr.Vijaya.T.Rajendhar, Father of little Superstar silambarasan.Well I went to this movie thinking that this will be of some worth for my hard earned money. But unfortunately it became a comedy flick. The movie started with T.Rajendhar dacing for an opening song. In fact in an interview to indiaglitz,Mr. T rajendar told that he has tried 110 movements in a song. But the movements turned out to be exercises. In fact the entire crowd were laughing for that particular song.The movie was full of comical sentiments,comical dances and all other nuisance that one can ever imaine. I suggest all film directors to wwatch this movie to understand how not to create a film.Please watch this movie at your own risk and please don't try this at home.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jalsa review !!!

Today I'm going to discuss another hit movie from tollywood.well one might wonder what that movie is?

Well it is none other than pawan kalyan starrer JALSA.The movie starts with the intro song of the hero. The movie is a romtic comedy with all commercial elements. this film s a heroic movie showing ta hero as a macho. the hero drinks once a week coz he s happy. n drinks other 6 days coz he s sad. the hero without knowing bashes ta villan's son n ta villan starts chassinb him. ta hero then over comes all problems n catches ta hands of ta heroine. ta heroine s a super figure n her name s ileana known for her perfect structure. ta heroine's character s a very innocent one n she has done her job well. almost all songs r hit n its still runnin successfully. ta hero s actually a naxalite n he ll reform in ta middle. ta heroine's father's a cop n he hates ta hero. ta story revolves around ta hero n ta hero has banged ta theatres. he's one of ta top heros in tollywood. he's also a macho.Watch this movie. I'm sure you will like it.I give this movie 8 out of ten and a thumbs up.

Dasavatharam Review!!!

Hi guys,
These days it has become a common thing to hype things around.But, it is to be noticed that only a few things live upto the expectations that they have created. Remember the iphone?But hey it lived up to its expectations for atleast apple lovers. So I'm not complaining as I'm too a apple lover.But lets also talk about things that have created a wave but not a huge one.If you prepare one such list I personally think Dasavatharam will be on top.I have seen the movie twice in theatres. So I think I'm in a position to review the movie.

The movie starts with kamal-the scientist giving a lecture in front of manmohan singh,george Bush and Karunanidhi.He starts narrating a incident which happenned in the 12th comes kamal's second role as vaishnavite priest Rangarajan.The ruler of the period believes in saivism and asks his subjects not to worship lord vishnu.Hence he decides to throw the idol of vishnu into River.However rangarajan tries to stop that.But he is punished for this act and is also thrown along with the idol.This is the end of role two.
Next,the story of the scientist kamal begins.He is a biotech engineer working in USA.He develops some kind of bio-weapon similar to Anthrax.His boss sells this weapon to a terrorist outfit.Kamal knowing this steals the weapon and sends it to India in a package.Now kamal is chased by ex-CIA official chris Fletcher ehich again kamal.This role is the best in the film.In India the police handle this case to Balram Naidu(fourth kamal).This character is humourous and should be the second best in the film.In India the package containing the virus goes to asin's house in chidambaram.Asin is accompanied by her grandma which is the fifth Kamal in the film.Her portrayal is excellent.

Then a japanese karate master(Sixth Kamal) comes to India to kill Chris Fletcher.In between kamal dons the role of a tall man and an activist to add some humour and emotions into the film. Finally whether the villain got the virus or the hero got it is the story.
Though the story isnt too good and explantory for the tsunami,The screenplay is excellent.had the film had a better story we should have surely enjoyed the film.Anyway the film is a must watch for all film buffs though you would have expected a better story.
I give it three out of five and a thumbs up.As for kamal's acting and screen play,I give it full ten out of ten though I am a Rajini fan.

Movie Mania

Hey guys,
I've wanted to create a blog ever since I was a child.But now only I have got the interest in creating my own blog. As I'm very interested in movies, I would like to suggest the best and the worst movies available in Hollywood and kollywood.This blog will review good as well as bad movies. So if you are interested in movies you can enter this blog and watch out my latest posts. please enter this blog whenever you are free.Today I'm going discuss two movies from kollywood. The first movie is Dasavatharam and the second move is a comedy flick namely veerasamy. I hope you enjoy this latest attempt of mine.